Latest Updates:

February 2022

EntropyHub Presentation at IEEE EMBC Glasgow 2022

The 2022 IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference (EMBC) will take place in Glasgow from 11-15 July. As part of the conference, there will be a symposium titled Recent Advances in Entropy Quantification Algorithms for Biomedical Signals: Beyond Univariate Time Series, where novel appications of entropy in biomedicine will be discussed.
Dr Matt Flood - founder and lead developer of EntropyHub - will give a presentation on EntropyHub as part of this symposium, introducing the toolkit, demonstrating its functionality, and revealing plans for future releases.

Read more about the conference programme here

Hope to meet you there!

December 2021

Version Update - EntropyHub v0.2

EntropyHub v0.2 includes two new bidimensional entropy methods:

November 2021

Publication of paper on EntropyHub in PLoS One.

To bring EntropyHub to the attention of the wider scientific community, we are happy to announce that a paper describing the toolkit has been published in PLoS One.
Users of the toolkit are required to cite this paper if they use EntropyHub in the work.
Matthew W. Flood and Bernd Grimm,
EntropyHub: An Open-Source Toolkit for Entropic Time Series Analysis,
PLoS One 16(11):e0259448 (2021),
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0259448

Version Update - EntropyHub v0.1.1

EntropyHub v0.1.1 includes corrections to the entropy of entropy (EnofEn) function. Following this update, users can specify the amplitude range (xmin, xmax) over which the number of slices (S1) are partitioned. See the source literature for more info.

June 2021

First release of EntropyHub (v0.1).

The initial release of the EntropyHub toolkit on all platforms including:

As with all initial releases, there may be some bugs, typo’s or other small issues that will be ironed out in time.